The Becky Bailey Story

44 year old female
Llano County, Texas

I am seriously 97% better!

I may have contracted this scourge on a cruise ship vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. We definitely brought home bed bugs, or something like it. We literally saw bugs in our bed, but after burning our carpet and furniture, and moving out of the house, I realized the bugs were ON ME.

Things got really strange there for a while. We moved into our guest cabin next door and within two days the bugs had found me! I walked into the cabin bedroom and instantly began feeling them crawl up my legs. We then moved into our RV. In those early days of infestation, it felt like they had very long legs, I haven't felt quite that sensation in a long time. Now when they crawl up my legs it isn't nearly as noticeable as back then, like it was adults back then and immature bugs now.

Also, in dragging out the carpet, etc., I believe we contaminated our yard. Thank God for the several days of freezing weather in Texas! I pray that killed most of them outside.



INTERNAL: I was treated for Lyme disease by Ginger Savely with antibiotics and sulfa drugs. I believe this was a great first step toward getting better, but is not a cure.

Take garlic and other anti-parasitic herbs to rid your intestines of parasites.

Take Colostrum for immunity, nausea, and to aid in weight BALANCE (gain or loss).

If you are on antibiotics, replace the good stuff lost in your tummy by taking acidophilus and blue-green algae.

Get sleep somehow, ask your doctor, or get something OTC, but SLEEP so you can better deal with this mentally. Sominex is supposed to be non-addicting. I buy the generic brand and make sure I'm never out. I take two tablets every night and thank God for the ability to sleep through the horror.

Buy a zapper. I bought mine at because it plugs into the wall, and is easy to use. This kills parasites with radio frequency waves. I have been using the zapper in bed at bedtime every night for an hour or more. I believe this is the number one thing that has helped me. In bed at bedtime is key. They are making an exodus from my body. It cost $180. Do start out slowly to see how you react to the zapper. Everyone in the household should use the machine regardless of symptoms, so that they aren't re-infesting the person suffering so much. This is completely painless, and even a relaxing experience each time.

To take zapping to the highest level, you can contact the Radionics Association (or me) to get a list of practitioners. Google “radionics” to find out about this technology that was developed in America but banned here because IT WORKS. Most other countries use this technology!

Many years ago, I actually watched a radionics practitioner with my own eyes make two types of large bugs leave a woodpile and my home. We opened the doors and windows, and took the screens off the windows. Within 30 minutes they were all gone. We watched them fly away.

EXTERNAL: Put powder in your shoes. Keep powder by your bed for night sweats. Be careful to not inhale the powder.

Bathe in the yeast enzyme, I bought mine at It is non-toxic and very helpful. Also use it diluted in spray bottles for yourself, children, the house, pets, etc. I swear this stuff kills the adults bugs. I haven't seen the black specks since the very beginning of this hell. It does work by changing a "bug" from one life stage to the next. If it is ready to change it doesn't kill it, and even seems to make a population explosion, but just keep using the yeast and they will again change before they are ready, hopefully killing them.

Bathe in lots of epsom salt, often. This gets some of them off of you and helps keep your lesions healing too.

Use a peel mask on your face once a week until facial crawling and itching symptoms subside. Put Vaseline or something on your lips, eyebrows and eyelashes so "they" won’t move onto those exposed areas.

NEVER go barefooted. They absolutely are in our environment. No one will ever change my mind about that. I can treat a problem area, like the laundry room, and it will be fine for a while, but then I begin feeling them crawl up my legs again and I know it is time to treat again.

Soak your skin in castor oil. Rub your skin and get them out! Spot treat itchy areas with castor oil.

Cut all your nails VERY short, keep them clean and moisturized. Don't scratch! Rub or wipe instead. Better yet put something on it, even lotion or salve helps.

For itchy ears, put ear oil or castor oil in ears and plug with cotton.

Infra-red sauna sessions make you feel so awesome, and you can feel "them" dying on your skin. Problem is you have to buy your own, so as to not possibly spread this scourge.

For lesions with a hard top on it, use wart meds to dissolve that top, then use antibiotic cream. Then paint it with liquid bandage for several days. Later you can use shipping tape to get the painted-bandage off.

When it feels like you have fiberglass in your eyes and eyelashes, use vaseline to soften them up and then wipe them with a kleenex, or wash it off. Use eye drops mixed with colloidal silver to put in your eyes. Works great.

Buy a “nettie pot” at a health store, use with salt water or colloidal silver to clean out your sinuses and hopefully kill them out of your sinuses.

CLEANING: Vacuum your car often. Vacuum your bed. Put the vacuum bag in plastic, then burn it if you can.

Get rid of all carpet and any cloth furniture, especially mattresses (and pillows). Please burn these if you possibly can!

Get a new bed and pillows, and put them in vinyl covers........Or at least put bed, pillows and box springs in vinyl zippered covers. NEVER OPEN THOSE VINYL COVERS!!!!

Replace carpeting with easy to clean floors, like tile or wood.

Wash your bedding in hot water with ammonia at least once a week, more or less as needed. Borax does not work! I opened bags of clothes treated with borax and felt crawling instantly.

Wash everything in the house, clean clothes and all in detergent, ammonia, hot water & then hot dryer. Then bag up what you can do without. Simplify your life so cleaning is easier.

Wash your house shoes often and dry hot. Or throw them out and buy new ones.

Burn all bras and other underclothes, buy news ones, repeat as necessary.

Treat everything as if it were infested. Even if you wear something for a short time, throw it in the laundry. Use bath towels only once, and change hand towels daily. If a clean article of clothing touches the floor throw it in the laundry. I actually have not become a clean freak throughout all this, but I guess it sounds like it.

Don’t put clean clothes on the bed. If I try something on and decide to not wear it, it goes in the dirty clothes basket.

Throw out your hair brushes. I don’t use anything but a comb, and I keep it soaking in rubbing alcohol.

Seal off any holes in walls and floors, like electrical and plumbing holes.

Take out trim. Seal and replace trim.

ENVIRONMENT: Treat all animals in the house with Frontline, after a good bath in Pinesol mixed 50/50 with conditioning shampoo.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the animals backs when they are dry.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the yard, and even around inside the house. Be careful to not inhale it. I believe this step is crucial. It is only crushed up shells, bugs crawl through it and get cut up and die of dehydration.

Extermination helps some. Permethrin did not help, but a Miticide did better, but still not the right chemical to do the job. Maybe better yet is to use the yeast enzyme.

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