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If you are a nurse or health care professional who has Morgellons Disease or you just want to learn more, please email:


Cindy Casey

Cindy G. Casey, RN

Cindy is an RN who has worked in the ICU of California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, California for the past sixteen years. Cindy set out in 2004 on a mission to get Morgellons Disease discovered, understood and (most importantly) properly diagnosed. Her efforts have left UCSF's Dermatology Department questioning what 'this' is...
Stay tuned.... rumor has it, she's taking on the great state of Texas next.

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Lynn!Lynn Seybold, RN

Lynn graduated in 1992 with an A.D.N, worked in predominately medical cardiac and Intensive care areas since that time.  She completed her BSN in 2000 at the University of Pittsburgh and started graduate school in 2003 at the University of Pittsburgh. 

 It was around that time that Lynn became symptomatic for Morgellons, with lesions, neurological problems and profound fatigue.  Testing positive on a Western Blot,  Lynn began treatment for Lyme Disease.   She had to stop working 10 months into treatment for 6 weeks, then returned light duty until she was able to obtain a teaching position.

 Completing her MSN with the focus in Research in August 2008 Lynn developed a Lyme Disease educational program and  for school nurses as part of her graduate project.  More recently,  she authored an article in the peer reviewed nursing journal "RN" titled 'Scouting for Lyme Disease.' 

Currently Lynn works as a Clinical Nursing Instructor for Complex Health Nursing, Intensive Care and has applied for a PhD program.  She has two grown daughters, who neither exhibit any symptoms of Morgellons. 

Lynn continues to battle the symptoms of Morgellons and has become a crusader promoting Morgellons recognition and research. 

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Lisa WallaceLisa Wallace, RN, PHN

Lisa Wallace is a Registered Nurse / Public Health Nurse living in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. She is currently working on a Master's Degree in Nursing at Samuel Merritt University. She has also attained a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Lisa's current work is in Public Health in her local community. She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and is a proponent of the integration of allopathic and holistic modalities. Lisa believes she contracted Morgellons Disease while working in the hospital setting in 2011. Soon after it was apparent she had Morgellons, Lisa tested positive for Lyme disease as well. Curiously enough, she had the presentation of neurological symptoms seven years prior, in 2005, which were diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis at that time. Now she wonders, was it really MS, or was it Lyme?

Lisa would like to work to raise public awareness and legitimacy of Morgellons Disease and function as a patient liaison to give Morgellons sufferers the support and knowledge they need to live and cope with this complex affliction.

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