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Vinegar - anywhere from a quart to a gallon distilled (some use apple cider vinegar)

Salts - everything from Mortons to Dead Sea
 Epsom Salt - 4 cups in your bathwater / rinse after
 Baking soda - as much as a full 'box' in your bathwater

Hydrogen Peroxide - one to four bottles in your bathwater

Borax - one to two cups in your bathwater

Head & Shoulders Extra Hair & Body - great for the shower, can be used all over

Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo Hair & Body - the 't' is for 'tar' soap

Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Baby Shampoo - great for face, eyes and lashes

Baking Soda and Alcohol - one cup soda and one pint alcohol

Oatmeal baths - many on the market (Aveeno makes a good one)

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If you have any 'helpful remedies' that seem to alleviate the pain
or help in any way, please email your ideas to:

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