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  • Medical Professionals Quotes on Morgellons Disease

Medical Professional's Quotes on Morgellons Disease

The MayoClinic.com "Morgellons disease is mysterious and controversial. Here you'll find answers to common questions about Morgellons disease — and suggestions for coping with it."



Click here to read some of the writings of Ginger Savely, NP “…I now have over 100 patients who fit the criteria for Morgellons disease… As Nurse Practitioners, we must strive to look beyond what we have been taught when confronted with new and puzzling symptoms in patients. Rather than being quick to pigeonhole these patients into a psychiatric diagnosis, we owe it to them to thoroughly investigate the cause of their symptoms.

Morgellons disease is a reminder that we have much to learn by really listening to the patient.”

- Ginger Saveley, NP-F
San Francisco, California

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Click here to read some of the writings of Gregory V. Smith, MD, FAAP “I am a Board Certified Pediatrician and have practiced in this community for the last 27 years…

..I knew little of the psychiatric disorder called ‘Delusional Parasitosis’…I have learned a tremendous amount since… many patients have been told by numerous physicians that their symptoms are psychiatric and…have been placed on potent drugs to help their ‘psychosis’. Most of these patients have been diagnosed by history alone with no laboratory tests…

Reports that suggest this disorder may progress and cause autoimmune disorders and psychiatric disorders are frightening.

Yet I believe this is only the tip of an iceberg…this disorder is much more common than anyone suspects…during the course of my practice activity, I have seen numerous children…a minimum of 3 children daily in my office with suspicious skin lesions.”

- Gregory V. Smith, MD, FAAP
Gainesville, Georgia

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Raphael B. Stricker, MD ”It's a very bizarre kind of symptom… because you can see them coming through the skin.

I think it's been trivialized in the past….people are starting to pay more attention because there are more and more patients who seem to have it.

There's a large proportion who are either nurses or teachers.

There is always something that we don’t understand and we’re constantly coming up with new things that we don’t really understand yet…

The CDC has no program to test Morgellons…They're being a little disingenuous.”

- Raphael Stricker, MD
San Francisco, California

Rhonda Casey, DO

"There's no question in my mind that it's a real disease."

"If it were not for the fibers, the patients would all be taken seriously. So I think even though the fibers may be a key to helping us diagnose this disease, they have also been a hinderance to it even being accepted as a real disease in the past."

"I would challenge any of these physicians who think that we are just feeding into the delusions to come and examine a group of these patients and see what I've seen."

- Rhonda Casey, DO
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dr. Casey has examined more than 30 Morgellons patients.

James Schaller, MD

"Morgellons lesions are complex, diffuse, deep and have many types of skin presentations all at the same time. If there is any “delusion” to be found in Morgellons, it is that it looks like the skin organ itself has become delusional and shows a vast array of pathology all at the same time. As a research clinician who invents treatments in many areas of medicine, one should really be careful about simplistic answers in this age of NASCAR medicine--the physician runs from the intake door to the exit door faster then an INDY 500 race car, just to make payroll. Simple answers are often ridiculous answers. And calling Morgellons a delusion with self-inflicted lesions is something that will embarrass medicine in the coming decades—in the same manner in which HIV was trivialized and ignored."

- James Schaller, MD, MAR
Naples / Tampa, Florida

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Should One Reason with Morgellons’ Cynics?

Dr. Withington

"To my knowledge I am one of only three medical doctors in the US who have Morgellons..."

"...I will be telling you my personal tale in the hope that it might provide some helpful information for each of you.  If nothing else, it may be comforting to some of you to hear a doctor acknowledging from her own experience that Morgellons is a bona fide disease."

- Amelia M. Withington, MD
Chester, Pennsylvania

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