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Morgellons Disease or “Delusions of Parasitosis”?

Confusion exists between two medical conditions

Morgellons Disease

Draft Case Definition,
 Morgellons Research Foundation

Symptoms of Morgellons, cont’d

Other associated findings

Associated findings, cont’d

"Typically dermatologists diagnose patients with..."

Morgellons symptoms, cont’d


Examples of DOP Literature

Examples   of DOP Literature
(van Vloten, 2003) a dermatologist

Riding and Munro, 1975

"“Since patients with delusions..."

Critique of statement

DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria
for Delusional Disorders

van Vloten, continues on diagnosis of  DOP

The Matchbox

Critique of “matchbox sign”

van Vloten continues:

Analysis of fibers

van Vloten, 2003, cont’d

van Vloten continues:

Trabert study:

"“ However,"


"“Zomer et al."

Zomer, et al, 1998


"“Psychiatric indications (for..."


Regarding Pimozide Use in Dermatology:

van Vloten (2003) Conclusion

Literature on DOP, Cont’d

Koo & Lee on DOP

Bimodal Distribution

"Morgellons patients (often misdiagnosed..."

Marginalized by Morgellons

Matchbox sign, again

"“Cutaneous findings in delusions..."


"Since most patients report that..."

Folie a deux, again

"“The diagnosis of delusions..."

See: Noah Scheinfeld, “Delusions of Parasitosis”

Scheinfeld, Cont’d

Stay within field of expertise

In treating patients:

Results of medical mistakes

Centers for Disease Control

Some contributions to medical mistakes

Dermatology literature

Slide 54

Doctors are beginning to have Morgellons in their families

 Next slide is photo of the back of Morgellons patient with multiple visible lesions.
Photo by Alta Ludlow

Slide 57

Dog with Morgellons-like lesions. Microscopic images similar to those in human Morgellons disease

Blue fiber in hair root. Image used by Dr. Randy Wymore in seminar on Morgellons, Oklahoma State University,
Center for Health Sciences, 2005

Blue fiber in hair root.  Same sample as last slide

Root of man’s facial hair with red fiber at low magnification

Same hair root sample at higher magnification

Same hair root sample.
Note black fiber (left) and white spheres (right).

Same  hair root sample as previous slides.
 Note black fiber.

Human hair root coated with gelatinous material
from man with Morgellons

Whisker with gelatinous material from
dog with Morgellons symptoms

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