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8th Annual Medical Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease

Presenter Information Including Speaking Topics:

Eboni Cornish, MD
Reston, VA
Internal Medicine of Northern Virginia
Title: Morgellons and Chronic Lyme disease: A Functional Medicine Approach

Robert Giguere
Boston, MA
Title: Lyme vs Morgellons

Ed Kilbane, MD
Stanford, CA
Stanford University
Title: Approaches to Managing Psychological Symptoms and Distress in Patients with Morgellons Disease

Melissa McElroy, FNP-BC
San Francisco, CA,
Tickborne Disease Specialists
Union Square Medical Associates
Title: A Proposal for Morgellons Disease Classification

Marianne Middelveen, MSc, Mdes
Alberta, Canada
Veterinary Microbiologist
Title: Etiology of Morgellons: DOP vs Infection

Carsten Nicolaus, MD, PhD
Augsburg, Germany
Internal Medicine
Chef Exceu. Medical Director
B-C-A Borreliose-Centrum-Augsburg Clinic
Title: “LymeCare” an interactive Doctor/ Patient/ App: A useful tool for Morgellons patients?

Ginger Savely, DNP, MEd, FNP-C, ACN
Washington, DC
Title: Introduction to Morgellons Disease

Carol Saylor-Hefley, AA
Tulsa, OK
Research Associate
TABERC Summer Scholar
Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease
Oklahoma State University
Center for Health Sciences
Title: PCR Amplification of DNA Associated with Morgellons Disease

Eva Sapi, PhD
West Haven, CT
University of New Haven
Associate Professor, Research Scholar & Coordinator
Department of Biology and Environmental Science
Cellular and Molecular Biology M.S. Program
Title: Investigation of the Infectious Etiology of Morgellons Disease

Randy Wymore, PhD
Tulsa, OK
Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease
Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology
Oklahoma State University
Center for Health Sciences
Title: Database Mining and Typical vs. Atypical Morgellons Disease Symptoms: Circumstantial Evidence for a Morgellons Syndrome?

Amy Withington, MD
Philadelphia, PA
Title: A Case Presentation of a Woman in Her Sixties with Long-standing Morgellons disease

Greg Smith,MD
Gainesville, GA
Title: TBA